About Us

Referrals Unlimited's members are from the Thousand Oaks, Conejo Valley, Westlake Village, San Fernando Valley areas of Southern California. We are dedicated to providing an opportunity for expansion through networking.

Our purpose is the exchange of business referrals. Our goal is to promote the businesses within our group and provide them with business leads in an effort to broaden their client base and increase their profitability.

By allowing only one member per industry, we provide the best possible opportunity for growth and development of the businesses who make up our membership.

Referrals Unlimited Credo

Meeting Description

Referrals Unlimited meetings are held every Wednesday and begin promptly at 7:15 a.m. After the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag, members and guests are provided the first moments to individually introduce themselves and their businesses to the group.

The meeting continues with the Treasurer's Report and a review of attendance. If there are any existing business issues outstanding from prior meetings, these are brought to the table next, followed by a discussion of any new business matters. The preamble is completed with a review of any upcoming Conejo Valley Chamber of Commerce functions and other promoted events.

A scheduled member or an invited speaker will then be given 20 minutes to speak to the group regarding his/her business.

The second half of the meeting distinguishes Referrals Unlimited from other groups. The next 20 minutes is referred to as our 'educational moment', during which a second speaker introduces a topic not specific to his or her business, but rather one of importance to all members. Typically, the subject matter of our educational moment invokes lively discussion and varied opinions!

The last section of the meeting is dedicated to distributing business leads to members of the group.

Membership Dues

First Year Membership Dues:

$85.00 for the first calendar year of membership. Every consecutive year of membership thereafter shall be billed as Continuing Membership Dues.

Continuing Membership Dues:

$50.00 for every consecutive year after the First Year Membership Dues.

Breakfast Costs:

$70.00 per month covers the cost of weekly breakfast for members and guests.

Trusted Relationships

Referrals Unlimited members are your Cheerleaders. Members share qualified leads and look out for each other's business interests, acting as an extended sales force.

Benefit by the experience of fellow business people as the team helps each other by brain-storming marketing ideas, speaking tips and a variety of business building strategies. As a Referrals Unlimited member, you will have the opportunity to give a brief commercial for yourself and your business at each weekly meeting.

Referrals Unlimited gives members the opportunity to practice networking and improve speaking skills in a healthy, nurturing atmosphere of trusted relationships. Share upcoming business-related and community events at a friendly, harmonious weekly meeting with no conflicts of interest.

Referrals Unlimited has been active in the Conejo Valley since 1992.


No conflicts of interest with current members

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