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Rick Ferrante



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In over 28 years of working in and with small to medium size businesses, I have seen what has worked and what has not. Regardless of the industry I often struggled with how all the pieces for marketing a business could be in place and still not be effective in the real objective – getting new customers and keeping the current ones. What I recognized was that all the effort in putting the infrastructure in place (website, social media, marketing materials, etc.) was not worth much if there wasn’t interesting, fresh and compelling content.

Over time I developed ways to efficiently produce content using both writing and video and decided to use that knowledge to assist businesses with content for their websites and social media pages.

The concept is simple. To have effective digital marketing, a company needs to have creative, interesting and current content but the people in that company need to focus on what they do best. We are here to do what we do best and provide that marketing content they need to succeed.