Lisa Pacifici

Lisa Pacifici



Phone: 805-217-8600

My name is Lisa Pacifici, and I am a proud Affiliate for Tibena. The Company offers two extraordinary teas that ehance your good health and well-being:

  • Jasmine Tao helps support a daily gentle cleanse while creating a harmonious balance between peak metabolism and vitality. Masterfully blended herbs and adaptogenic herbs help the body adapt to stress, help support metabolic functions, help restore balance and enhance overall health.
  • Vitalitea is a wonderful blend of stimulating, warming herbs plus stress-balancing adaptogenic herbs that help support healthy weight management. Guayusa from the Amazon rainforest energizes your body with natural caffeine delivering sustained and focused energy.

Tibena distributes its products through Network Marketing. We offer an excellent home-based business opportunity with an extraordinary compensation plan. I have worked in the industry for many years and I quickly recognized that this is a very unique company. An enthusiastic person could easily earn sufficient income to make this business their full-time occupation in a very short time and then continue to steadily increase their income. I am looking for enthusiastic people who want the opportunity to earn extra - a lot extra - while working from home!

Anyone interested in helping their body achieve optimal metabolic function or an exciting new career - or both! - please contact me.

Thank you.