World Global Network

Eva Perlman


Independent Distributor

Phone: 818-582-3970

I am proud to be an independent distributor for World Global Network, a remarkable young technology company offering an unprecedented opportunity for growth.

The company's initial product - HELO - is a revolutionary wristband which monitors your basic vital signs (blood pressure and EKG among others). It is a game changer in healthcare. You can check your health status, be alerted if something goes suddenly wrong, improve your quality of life and have peace of mind. You can also monitor the vital signs of your loved ones remotely and be alerted if they get into trouble. Suppose your grandmother's heart starts to fibrillate, or she falls; the HELO has a panic button with which she can alert you. Suppose your child walks home from school alone; should anyone follow him/her, he/she can alert you with the panic button, and the built-in GPS will give you their location. More features will be added soon: blood sugar level, blood alcohol level, blood oxygen level, and more.

In the near future, World Global Network is bringing a new cellphone to the market which will work in 125 countries, with unlimited storage, texting and talking, with service everywhere for $59 per month.

Not only does WGN offer an amazing family of products, it also offers entrepreneurs a great business opportunity. If you know someone who wants to increase their cashflow and build residual income, the HELO is a phenomenal device with which to make money, while helping people obtain peace of mind.